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Video Blog 15 – Bai Tu Long Bay

I take a break from paddling to have a chat while we are kayaking around Bai Tu Long Bay in northeastern Vietnam.  We came up this way from Hanoi on a tour just before we started the Vietnam leg of the trip.

Video Blog 14 – Our ride through Thailand

For the entirety of the Thailand trip (all 3 days of it!) I had the camera mounted on the handlebars taking a photo every 2 seconds.  We’ll probably try to do the same for Vietnam if we can find a place to store the photos.  I’ve put what I found to be the more interesting periods at a slightly slower pace and sped up the somewhat monotonous hours through the Read More...

Video Blog 13 – Thailand – Leaving from Bangkok

We decided to sneak in a 3 day ride from Bangkok towards Hua Hin before we head to Vietnam.  This video was taken as we prepared to leave the hotel into the chaotic streets of Bangkok. We’ve captured the whole ride on time lapse Go Pro footage so we can relive it in the future and also so you can experience the ride as well. This video will be added Read More...

Video Blog 10 – Crossing Los Angeles (Time Lapse)

I finally remembered the time lapse feature on the GoPro and decided to give it a go as we crossed Los Angeles – I think it worked out quite well.  I think for our upcoming trips I’ll probably try to do this for nearly the entire trip, even though it takes up a staggering amount of space in photos.  It starts in Malibu and ends near Huntington beach when the Read More...

Video Blog 9 – Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco was a big milestone for us in our trip and it all began with us crossing the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.  We were on the west side which meant lest pedestrians to avoid but not quite as good a view of the bay area with Alcatraz on the left.  This happened on day 39 of our cycling trip on our way in from Petaluma.

Video Blog 007 – Port Orford

We were at the end of our first really long ride here and thought the bay looked pretty special so we thought we’d capture a bit of the trip on the GoPro.  This video is quite late – we’ve been struggling to find somewhere to upload it.