Cycling Day 75 – Kham Duc to Dak Glei

Taking pictures - always a good excuse for a break

Taking pictures – always a good excuse for a break

Having studied todays route on Google Maps we knew it was gonna be tough. Luckily last night we were able to confirm that there are guest houses in Dak Glei by chatting to a motorbike guide staying in our hotel. This meant we avoided having to do a 100k day over several mountains. In general, Google Maps has been pretty good for locating places to stay if you tap in ‘hotel’ and zoom around. Obviously these smaller places haven’t quite cottoned on to the idea yet.

Feeling the burn

Feeling the burn

Whilst we were pretty confident the information the Easy Rider gave us was sound, we thought we’d better set off a bit earlier than usual to be on the safe side.

The first 20k were fairly straightforward with rolling hills but after that we climbed 700 metres with little respite at gradients up to 12%. The last 300 metres was all 10%+ which was extremely tough going on a loaded touring bike. By the time we reached the top at 1100m it was pretty nippy especially as we were both dripping in sweat.

Enjoying the view on the way down

Enjoying the view on the way down

We stopped at a little restaurant/shop at the top and chilled (literally) out for a bit. We decided to grab some lunch and scared some of the local wildlife as we changed our tshirts ahead of the descent. The descent was fairly short lived – dropping 200m in a few minutes. However, rather frustratingly we then had to go up back up to the elevation we’d just come down from.

After getting to the summit of this second peak we were both flagging a bit. We descended quickly into Dak Glei and were quite glad to find a nha nghi (guest house) without any problems. The unfriendly host and lack of hot water didn’t put too much of a dampener on an epic but enjoyable day.


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