Cycling Day 86 – La Gi to Ba Ria

Celebrating with some locals last night :)

Celebrating with some locals last night 🙂

Today was the penultimate day of riding in Vietnam and it feels like we are just going through the motions a bit as the last few days are over fairly unremarkable terrain.  We did have a fun night last night watching a football match with some locals in a cafe and getting involved in a bit of impromptu karaoke when an older chap pulled out his guitar.  With slightly cloudy heads this morning, we found a place serving bun bo where we had a pretty good chat with the family living there as well.  I quite enjoyed La Gi – it seems like they don’t see tourists that often despite it having a beach and not being too far from Saigon.

The road today was pretty simple – we were on Highway 55 all the way to Ba Ria.  This was a fairly nice and smooth road but the crazy heat in the morning made certain that the ride was not very enjoyable at all. We stopped to buy water pretty regularly but the kilometres seemed to be ticking over really slowly for both of us.  While I certainly found the hills harder physically, they were much easier mentally in that they break up your day into naturally smaller segments which you can tackle one at a time instead of just having a monotonous 80km to do.  Thankfully the clouds came over in the afternoon and the last 30km or so were quite a bit easier.  I didn’t take many pictures today as we were just concentrating on getting to Ba Ria as quickly as we could.

Some sand dunes not too far from Ba Ria

Some sand dunes not too far from Ba Ria

One interesting place today was the town of Phuoc Buu – although this town was pretty big it was a bit eerie as we were riding through it with almost nobody to be seen.  It was almost like the whole town was having a siesta at an agreed time.  Given that Vietnam is almost certainly the noisiest country I’ve ever been to, this definitely felt a little out of place.  We’re in Ba Ria now and planning the final 80km or so into Saigon tomorrow which will mark the end of our cycling in Asia!  I’ve got mixed feelings about it – one the one hand I’m pretty excited to be going back to Australia in about a week and seeing everyone, but I’m also a bit sad that the whole journey is coming to a close.  We do have about two weeks in Australia before Andy heads home and we turn our attention to the real world again!


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