Cycling Day 29 – Mill Creek to Patrick’s Point

This morning we made the somewhat steep climb back out of the state park, through the misty and quite eerie forest.  It felt a bit like a scene out of a fantasy movie.  We left at the same time as Johnnie and Josh who were headed in the same direction.  We had a pretty long chat to these guys last night and agreed that we’d head for the same state park.  The descent down the south side of the hill was quite fun, and we rolled into Klamath where we had breakfast at the log cabin diner.  I tried “Biscuits and gravy” – which despite sounding pretty weird actually tasted ok (apparently biscuits in the US are actually scones).

P1010154Outside of Klamath, we took a scenic route through the redwood national park which involved yet another big climb and then an awesome descent down between some very majestic trees. Unfortunately most of the notable ones were down hiking trails away from the main road and we couldn’t take our bikes down, so we missed a few of them.  We did grab a few pictures of some of the big ones near the road like this one that you could fit a small car in!

As we went through Orick, we stopped to pick up supplies.  Thinking that we only had about 6 or so miles remaining, we stocked up on heaps of beer and food.  Unfortunately when we reached the state park, we found out it was closed for the season.  This meant we had to push on to Patrick’s Point State Park, which had a few more big hills – we definitely felt the extra weight.  Patrick’s Point was pretty good – we met a couple who were up from Arcata and had a pretty good evening with drinks around the fire.


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