About us

Well hello there, welcome to our blog.

Sam & Andy

Sam & Andy taking preparation in Whistler seriously

As you’re here, we’re guessing you probably know a bit about us. For those who haven’t heard us ramble on about our trip we thought we’d share a bit of background on who we are, what we’re doing and why. We’re two guys who’ve decided to take a break from our careers, see the world and generally enjoy ourselves.  We decided to go on a little bike ride.

Crossing continents unassisted, using only our own leg power, is the perfect way to see the world. This idea was something Andy had harboured for several years.  He had come close before, but circumstances had always conspired to prevent him from going. The idea lay dormant till one fateful evening where, over a drop of red, we discussed the idea. From there the idea blossomed – we’d fantasise about the different places we could visit and talked about making it a reality.  Several months later, we’re finally doing it.

Pacific_Coast_Route Overview

The US route

We wanted to do this on a bike because it gives us the freedom to literally go everywhere we want, free from the constrictions of bus schedules, flight routes and train tracks. We hope to see a lot more as we take it at our own pace.  There is definitely a sense of achievement to be gained, but we’re much more focused on the journey getting there rather than in the end result.

Our route took us from the mountains of Whistler, down to the Mexico border.  We decided on the west coast as it’s full of interesting places and because we’d never done anything of that magnitude.  We stuck to a route provided by the American Adventure Cycling association with a couple of detours to Portland and the Napa Valley. Since completing the US leg of our trip we decided to have some time to relax in Mexico and Thailand. We completed a short ride in Thailand and have now headed for Vietnam to ride from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south.

We’ve created this blog for a few reasons.  Firstly, it gives us an excellent way to record what we’re doing to look back on it afterwards for our own benefit. Secondly, instead of trying to tell all of our family and friends what we’ve been up to, we can save time and do it all at once.  Lastly, we hope that it offers some form of help, guidance or inspiration to anyone else who is considering doing something similar.  We’ve certainly found the websites of others in similar positions invaluable in the build-up to our trip